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Yoga and Me

February 4, 2014 / by Suzi Power

Yoga Sura

I first stepped on the mat nearly 10 years ago whilst studying at Warwick University. I was instantly captivated by yoga and the weird and wonderful shapes that I found myself capable of creating. It has since been my mission to practice with as many different teachers as possible and deepen my knowledge of different branches and styles of yoga – specifically Astanga, Hatha, hot yoga and Raja Dhiraja. My training in India with Guru Ganga Devi was by far the most challenging but life-changing experience – I learnt about the true heart of yoga, meditation and life as a yogi which I now can’t wait to share with others.

I had my first teaching experiences at a drama school in London in 2010 and have taught classes and workshops to students in locations all over the UK. In the midst of everyday stresses and difficulties, yoga has been a real salvation – step on the mat and make it yours too!

Namaskar x